PRS SE Custom 22 Guitar

Good morning guitar fans, what a treat you and I have today. We will be checking out the PRS SE Custom 22 guitar. This particular guitar is not for beginners it is more suited for intermediate players looking to upgrade to a better quality instrument that could very well be in your arsenal for a very long time.

The one fact that most guitarists will agree is the level of Quality and attention to detail PRS brings to the design, development and manufacturability to all their instruments. PRS Guitars is one of the world’s largest guitar manufacturers, and includes acoustic guitars and amplifiers to their product offering. PRS got onto the world stage when Paul was asked to build an electric guitar for the Legendary Carlos Santana. After building several guitars for Carlos, he decided to open up PRS Guitars along with his partners and the brand has evolved to include professional artists top quality instruments and lower price options such as the SE series for those who do not have $10,000 to spend on a guitar.

PRS Guitars offer an array of Electric guitars from hollow body to solid body options. Starting with Private stock, S2 Series and SE series. Private Stock is the most expensive models built with the mentality of making “one-offs” as apposed to volume. They use the highest quality of materials for each item used. Unless you have unlimited funds, than this would be the route to take. The S2 Series guitars is considerably less expensive and offers four S2 Custom options, eight S2 Standard options, and three S2 McCart options. This is still considered the professional category but affordable. The lowest level would bring us to the SE Series guitars that offer eight different models to choose from. You will see, I did not say cheapest, mainly because they are not cheap with respect to quality, just more affordable than the professional series guitars. These are built for volume to get a PRS in the hands of most guitar players without breaking the bank. They offer a lot of value and excellent playability that most guitarist appreciate. We will be discussing the SE Custom series below.

PRS SE Custom Body and Colour

The guitar has a fairly thick body, thick flame maple veneer top with a mahogany back and 25″ scale length. The SE Custom series comes in a variety of colours, Sapphire, Vintage Sunburst and Whale Blue. My personal favorite is the Vintage Sunburst it is just a gorgeous looking guitar. These guitars look very close to the American made PRS Guitars at a significantly lower price. This makes it an attractive option to many buyers for what you are getting.

PRS SE Custom – Neck, Fret Board and Hardware

The 22-fret neck is made from maple with a rosewood fingerboard and birds fret inlays. The neck shape is “wide-thin” finished in gloss, and fairly easy to play depending on the size of your hands. If you like really thin necks like the wizard neck on an Ibanez electric guitar than, this one is definitely not for you. For me, it feels really nice and easy to glide up and down the fret board. The strings go through the back than through a PRS designed tremolo floating bridge system and custom designed tuners. The nickel hardware on this instrument is high quality and well respected in the industry.

PRS SE Custom – Pick-ups

The SE Custom comes loaded with a pair of 85/15 S Korean made pickups. It has a volume and a push/pull tone control with a three-way blade selector. The Custom 22 provides a more vintage tone and feel to the traditional custom line-up. It has a more pronounced mid range and clarity with long-lasting sustain. I would say this is a cross between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. It gives you the capability of single coils with the split option and the humbuckers that provide a warm full tone. I would say that the 22 fret option will lean more towards the Gibson type of sound and if you are interested in a more bluesy type sound than I would go with the 24-fret option. The reason for that is where the neck pick-up sits on the body. The 22 fret option the pickups are spread-out wider apart than the 24 fret option. 

PRS SE Custom – Cost

You can pick-up one of these babies for about $789 new. It is reasonable for the guitar you get compared to others at this price point. Most guitars do not come with a case but this one comes with a PRS gig bag. You can check out the reviews online and see that this guitar is rated very well. If you are looking for a bargain than, you could get a great used example from your local marketplace or websites such as Craigslist. Please make sure you inspect the guitar thoroughly and look for any modifications that may have been performed especially if you are looking for a stock example. Too many times, there are people that perform their own mods and end up making a lot of mistakes by not following proper installation guidelines and/or safety requirements. These are important things to ask prior to meet up with anyone so you have a better idea of what to expect.


The PRS SE Custom 22 guitar is a great sounding guitar that can be used on stage as well as the bedroom. Most people that play are not looking for stage use but still would like something better than the typical beginner guitar than this one fits the bill. With three colours to choose from, all of which are beautiful to look at, you would think that the guitar is much more expensive than it actually is so there will not be anyone embarrassed to take this out to a gig or showing it off around your guitar friends. Don’t take my word for it, go out and try one, you will not be disappointed. Until next time, happy guitar playing.




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