Local Guitar Lessons

Hello everyone, there is something about having someone walk you through your guitar learning to journey that can not be replaced by the online world. When I first started playing the guitar many years ago, I was learning from a family friend that was taking lessons from an experienced guitar teacher. I would go over to his house and learn theory and songs to go along with the theory he was teaching me at that time. This went on for about a year and a half and then I began using guitar books and listening to the radio and teaching myself. Thereafter, I began taking local guitar lessons from a Professional guitar teacher to get better with my technique for playing leads and playing in-time. Looking back, I would attribute the kick start to proper playing having someone personally teaching me which shortened the learning curve to getting better.

Location is also important not only for conveyance but for making it close enough that nothing can prevent you from reaching your destination. This does not mean that you should pick someone close for the sake of convenience even if it is not your first choice. The main objective is picking one that you like and has everything your looking for.

What to look for in a Guitar Teacher

First thing to do when selecting which guitar teacher is physically going there and meet the teachers and get a feel for them and the services offered. There are many things to consider when selecting a local guitar teacher. A lot more is involved besides their technical ability such as their philosophy, why are they doing it, what do they get out of it besides the monetary value. I know, you are probably thinking why would I care to know some of those things. The reason I state it, is when you find a Guitar Teacher, you want to have someone that is passionate about teaching and the students’ growth. This will ensure you are going to have a committed person guiding you a long the way and getting the most value for your hard-earned money.

Personality is a big one, you can find great Guitar Teachers but you will find it may take a few meetings before you settle down on one particular teacher. Reason for that is you may not mesh well with one and the last thing you want is to be with someone for the guitar session and counting the minutes to go home. Looking forward to going to your session is vital, otherwise, you will eventually stop going. You owe to yourself to find someone that you mesh with and makes you feel comfortable in a supporting environment.

One-on-One Guitar Lessons

Taking private lessons one-on-one is beneficial to the growth and development of the beginner guitarist. The level of training and detail can be monitored and guided to ensure proper technique is used to prevent any bad habits often people pick-up when they learn in other formats that are not hands-on.

Group Lessons

Some guitar schools offer group lessons which may be beneficial for those that want to keep costs down, they are generally cheaper than one-on-one. Another advantage would be the social aspect of learning among others, sharing experiences and sometimes making new friends. It all depends on your objective. Having others in class with you, gives outside opportunities to practice together and supporting each other.

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities are available in some music schools that offer concerts and recitals. Schools such as The Conservatory of Music is a well-known school that provides a structured curriculum for students’ wishing to learn while providing performance opportunities. These are great ways to put your practice to test and learning to play in front of an audience. This can build confidence. There are also schools that provide rock-band options where you learn using other instruments such as the bass, drums and singers. This is a great way to learn to play in a group and playing in-time. Often times, this is where many people get lost, that is why it is important to use a metronome when practicing.


As you can see above, I believe there is a lot of advantages of local guitar lessons from a guitar teacher one-on-one, or in group setting. They guide you one the right course of action to propel you forward and prevent bad habits from forming. This is difficult from learning from a book or even online. Go to the studios, schools or private residents and check-out if they meet all of your requirements and that they are going to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you will look forward to coming time and time again.




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