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Guitar Player Repair Guide Review

Product: Guitar Player Repair Guide

Price: $22.89

The Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

My Rating: 4 Stars

Guitar Player Repair Overview

There will come a time in a guitar players life that the guitar will start to lose its sound from when you first made the purchase. Maintaining your instrument is very important if you want to keep your guitar sounding like when you first bought it. This guide book will show you how to set-up, maintain and repair electrics and acoustics.

The book guides you as you can see the from the table of contents how to repair and customize the electronics such as the pots, switches and pick-ups. It also has pictures of the main wiring diagrams for Fender, Gibson and PRS. From installation to repair of each component. Another interesting thing is if you are interested in winding your own pick-ups it does explain how to do this and where you can find a budget machine to help.

For most people, cleaning and care are things all guitarists should generally know how to do. Cleaning and polishing-What products to use, keeping the fret board clean. This is essential to the quality of music that the instrument can produce. Strings last longer if they remain clean especially if they are round wound. The grime and build-up will go in between the windings and produce a dull-like sound. This means you will be going through strings more often. Getting a simple cleaner and wipe down the strings after use will make your strings last longer.

I recently modified my Squire Stratocaster and changed all the electronics, tuners, and controls. I also set-up the guitar and changed the strings. When I changed the tuners, the original holes did not line up with the new locking tuners I purchased. So I had to fill all the holes, sand down the area, put a nice satin finish on it prior to drilling new holes. Once I completed this task, the locking tuners installation went really well. I also purchased the ones that have different heights to put less tension on the neck for optimal angle for the string trees. This book was invaluable when I performed all these tasks. It also gave me the confidence to do much more. I am already thinking of my next project. Please see picture below.

Squire Strat Mod


  1. Full of illustrations
  2. Addresses Acoustic and Electric Guitars including Bass
  3. Easy for DIY people
  4. Come with DVD –
    1. How to evaluate a guitar
    2. Setting your intonation
    3. Stringing Up


  1. Not for beginners who don’t enjoy DIY
  2. It could use a step-by-step approach to help newbies

Guitar Player Repair Guide should be essential reading for guitar enthusiasts want to perform their maintenance on their own and keep costs to a minimum. This is an excellent book for those who not only want to maintain their instrument but those that would like to get into modifications.




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