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Good morning everyone, a few important things I find people interested in looking to learn how to play the guitar is how do you get started, where do find helpful information and how much time do I want to set aside to learning how to play. There are a few important factors that come into play during the researching phase of the learning process. Please see below.

  • Budget, how much are you willing to spend is usually directly proportionate to how serious you are about learning and how much time you have to dedicate to learning this new hobby.
  • How do you go about learning about what guitar is the best one for you.
  • Have you thought about how you would like to start learning? Using a book?, online education, or private lessons.

These are basic factors that you must consider during your researching phase of the guitar learning process.

Budget and Time

Budget is very important factor when selecting your first guitar. There are a large variety of guitars to choose from. This can be an overwhelming process that could deter someone from moving forward. The first step is setting the budget, see what falls within your budget and search from there. Some of you will alter your preconceived budget during the research phase based on some of your findings or some will be more serious to learning that they may want to get something a little better to start out with and continue to use in the future as they develop their skills. Maybe you are looking to spend at least as possible on a so called cheap guitar, that is OK as well. Cheap guitars nowadays are amazing if you compare to options available 30 years prior. The is so much value you get in the lower price point categories. The important thing is getting something that you will want to pick up and play.

My first Guitar

As for me, I started with a cool used electric guitar example, an “Anjo” (looked like a KISS tricked-out electric guitar) for a few years. Friends would come by and ask if I would bring the guitar out and play for them. From there, I was playing a lot (hours/day) and then my folks bought me a brand new Squire Stratocaster that I still own to this day. I remember that day like it was yesterday, and really appreciated that my folks did that for me. I did however, recently modify it mainly due to the fact that the electronics rusted away. So I decided to completely alter the electronics altogether and it was an exciting experience. It is one of my favorite guitars to play.

How much time you dedicate will be very important to not only building on the fundamentals but sticking with it in the long run. We live in a “now” society where people expect to be playing good right away and this is simply not the case. Like anything, it takes time and a lot of practice to get good at pretty much anything you can think of.

Researching Best Guitars for Beginners

Information nowadays are at your fingertips. There is no excuse to not finding pretty much anything you heart desires. Mind you, you still need to know how to filter the content as you flip through websites and articles. It goes without saying that you cannot believe everything that is written, so be mindful during you research. There a lot of helpful websites, forums, and groups available out there to see what others are doing and how they got started such as the do’s and don’ts. This may shorten the learning curve on how others have reached their guitar playing goals. It could be a favorite artist, someone you look up to or you just want to do it for yourself, these are all great options to see how they started. I have a few articles that may give you a starting point of which guitar may suit your needs. Please see link. Acoustic Guitars for Beginners, Electric Guitars for Beginners.

Learning Platform

There are many ways of learning compared to decades earlier. The online world has shaped the way we receive our information, from all around the globe. It is quite amazing how far things have come to bring us together, sharing and learning from one another. There a quite a few of online guitar lesson resources that may help if you decide to go this way, if that interests you I do have a breakdown on some of the best ones that I found to be useful. Click on the link (Best Online Beginner Guitar Lessons).

There is something about private lessons that cannot be replaced entirely during your guitar learning journey. Books, and online instruction provide valuable tools to improving your guitar playing, having one-on-one instruction has its advantages. The guitar teacher can see your playing technique, and evaluate your skills more effectively and even show you how if you do not fully understand with instructions on a screen or sheet music. This would be a great option for those who would rather have someone guiding you every step o of the way. You can always change your mind in the future if you have enough to continue to online instruction. If this is your option, I would recommend checking out several teachers in your area, and find someone that you mesh with and can ultimately see yourself going there every week.


As you can see that cheap guitars are everywhere and in the end everyone will have to make a decision that suits their needs. Cheap depending on who is defining cheap. A cheap guitar to someone that has limited funds is different from someone for instance who spends more money a month eating out. You get a lot for your money with guitars under $300 new and you can pick one up used for even less. Planning your time, and laying out a practice routine will be important to your progress and playing ability. A cheap guitar is great start to get you learning something new that not only is it fun to do but it will also give you that sense of accomplishment as you see yourself improving week after week. Let me know what you think regarding the buying process for buying you first “cheap guitar” or anything that I may have missed. Until then, bye for now. Happy guitar playing friends.




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