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Best Online Beginner Guitar Lessons

Good morning everyone, today we will be discussing online options geared towards the beginner on how to play the guitar. There is a vast amount of options which can be overwhelming for the beginner so we will keep the list small enough that you will be able to make an informed decision on your quest to becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or another amazing guitarist that interests you.

We will be discussing three options the first two have very large websites and are the front runners in the online guitar lesson industry. The first one is Guitar Tricks, they have been around the longest of the three and offer a great platform for the beginner guitarist. JamPlay is the second largest and also offer a great platform from beginner as well. Lastly Guitar Mastery Method which is much smaller in scale compared to the other two previously mentioned but offer a lot of valuable information for the beginner.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks begin with the Core System (8 courses) with the beginner in mind, teaching the fundamentals and then building from there to the intermediate level. The fundamentals are broken into two parts, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is basically for the absolute beginner that has never held a guitar in their hands and Level 2 is for the returning guitarist that has some previous experience playing the guitar. Once Level 2 is completed, you will have a strong foundation to continue to the next level. The song list is absolutely huge around 900 songs available. If you are sick of going through YouTube and searching through low quality choices, Guitar Tricks offers a structured way into learning the theory and songs simultaneously. This system is clear and concise. You will find that they do not add “fluff” into their teaching materials, they get to the point and move on. This is nice because often times when learning it can get boring and disengaging when they repeat material several times. Time can be better spent practicing. From here, Guitar Tricks moves from the fundamentals to genre specific (Blues, Rock, and Country). They will teach specific techniques that guitarist used to attain specific tone and music style.



This system is similar to Guitar Tricks where it starts with the fundamentals (21 courses) before moving onto genre specific musical styles. This is where JamPlay shine. They have a large variety of genres (20+) to choose from and sometimes taught by the artists themselves. This is an advantage because you get to learn the tools and techniques used to achieve the desired tone. There are roughly 450 songs to learn on the JamPlay platform. Another area that JamPlay shine is the quality of their videos. It is evident that they have taken the time and attention to ensure that the quality of what the user sees is very important. Once the foundation in the first 21 courses are complete, you can move into an area called “Refine Skills”. In this area, the guitarist can refine certain areas that most people struggle and demonstrate how to fill in the gap and strengthen your weak points and becoming better. There are roughly 61 courses to go through in this area, although you may not need to go through everyone in detail, this will be specific to you. You can quickly go through the ones you are proficient and concentrate on the ones that require attention.


Guitar Mastery Method

This learning platform, although much smaller than the two previously discussed above, is another excellent resource for the beginner guitarist. When signing up it asks a series of questions to gauge where you stand relative to playing level and recommend the user a starting point. Their flagship course is the Guitar Mastery 101 which starts with the fundamentals and moves up to intermediate level guitar playing. They do not offer any song note-for-note but teach you to learn songs from learning their methods with mastering the fret board and understanding the importance of knowing which key to play in. This is essential, especially when playing with others. Once this flagship course is completed, they offer genre specific music styles that you can purchase in addition to their flagship course. They also provide guitar workshops that get you moving quickly. They have an online Facebook community where people post their learning and playing abilities for others to comment and help each other develop. It is a nice support network for the beginning guitarist. If you decide to join the VIP membership platform, you get everything that Guitar Mastery Method offers, four interactive live workshops every month, and 500+ video streaming guitar lessons with printable PDF’s. They also offer additional courses such as song writing workshop courses for the people that would like to write their own material.



Both options provide different payment plans. They are both $19.95 per month or if you want to pay by the year. Guitar Tricks is $143.20 and JamPlay is $159.95 per year. Guitar Mastery Method costs $197.00 for the Guitar Mastery 101 and that is for life. That works out to $16.42 per month for the first year and you would not pay for anything else thereafter unless you wanted to purchase additional courses. The VIP membership are available by invite (limited spaces) once you are a member. There is a slight difference in cost and it is probably because of the level of quality of their videos. Both provide a refund policy. Guitar Tricks and Guitar Mastery Method is 60-day free trials and JamPlay is 30-day free trial. You could Start with Guitar Tricks, or Guitar Mastery Method and if your not satisfied cancel prior to the 60-day free trial and sign-up to JamPlay for their 30 day free trial. At least from here you will have a great idea of which works best for you. If you are anything like me, I like to research the heck out of options available, read reviews prior to selection and committing to which your research proved to you to be best. At the end of the day, you can always cancel if unsatisfied. The first step is the most important and that is starting something.


As you can see above, all are acceptable options, depending on which one you feel more comfortable with. I have personally tried all three and I still enjoy Guitar Mastery Method a little more mainly because I am not paying every month and if life gets a little busy you are not stuck continuously paying even when not using. If you want to learn songs that you can play with your friends or sit around the campfire than both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay have a plethora of songs that you can learn note-for-note if desired. Goals will differ from individual to individual and cost often times dictate what options to select but all three options will give the beginner a solid start to learning how to play the guitar.




  1. Tom Lawrence


    Great post. My nephew is looking to start playing guitar, and I was thinking of getting him a guitar for his birthday. But, he will also need something to play, and the lessons you describe look perfect.

    I will let you know how he gets on with them, and if he is getting better.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,


    • admin

      Sounds like a great birthday present. Hopefully all goes well. Happy shopping. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hilde Regine Rayani

    Hi there! I used to play classic guitar many years ago. I know for a fact that we learn differently. And I think the methods you described here are perfect to be starting with.! II think online guitar classes are wonderful tools. When I played guitar we did not have these opportunities at all..Go for it.

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment. We live in a digital world with limitless options.


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